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Curious about our work? Review samples of our evaluations from past clients.

Work Samples

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Hello and welcome back dear readers!  After a pause from updating this blog space, CRS is excited to resume sharing tips and insights  into evaluation work, analysis of current research on Culturally-Responsive Equitable Evaluation (CREE), updates about developments at CRS, and more! Much has happened in the past two years, […]

Unpausing the CRS Blog

The Creative Research Solutions team is taking a moment to reflect on our growth as our #BothHands 10-year celebration draws to a close. We are partnering with organizations from across the Atlanta metropolitan area and in cities such as Washington D.C., Detroit, MI, Boston, MA, Jackson, MS, and Oakland, CA. […]

Expanding the Vision

Living and working in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Dr. Travis Tatum (President) and Dr. Shanesha Brooks-Tatum (Executive Vice President) witnessed the struggles and successes of businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations as the city attempted to meet the needs of its exponentially growing populace. The Metro Area is home to […]

A Mission-Driven Approach: Creative Research Solutions’ Commitment to Global Change

At the end of an evaluation, you are typically left with a formal evaluation report that contains important data demonstrating the impact of your program, or data that provides insight into the implementation of your program. Having a good evaluation team that gathers reliable data is great, and knowing how […]

Disseminating Evaluation Results

Different sectors – academia, government, nonprofit, and for-profit – can learn from each other when it comes to using evaluation and data to facilitate positive change. This is a three-part series on evaluation in the for-profit sector (often called “social impact measurement”). In Part I, we explored what is going […]

Social Impact Measurement, Part III: Do Shoes Equal Impact?