Both Hands: A Celebration of 10-Years

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Creative Research Solutions (CRS). We work with organizations large and small across industries within education, government, business, and non-profits. We’ve evaluated programs that assist, educate, and protect people across this country seeking to better themselves and their families. As 2019 continues, CRS is proud to demonstrate our commitment to excellence so that we can celebrate for decades to come.

This challenging work demands that we use the hands we’ve been given every day. Working with #BothHands means listening with our ears and our hearts; it means finding common ground and creating an environment where everyone can thrive. We envision an equitable world and we believe that world can be created by putting both hands to work. CRS meet clients where they are in their organization’s journey.  We partner with them to use available data and the latest insights, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and take actionable steps that lead to long-lasting effects.  Our mission is “tying passion and practice to impact”: to create innovative and impactful solutions that increase an organization’s positive performance while improving its decision making processes. CRS ensures that those decisions include the voices of community stakeholders that will ultimately reap the benefits of successful services and programs.

Our team of consultants, evaluators, and researchers possess the experience and the work ethic required to address your needs.  We understand that resources are limited everywhere but we are committed to serving all organizations that share our dream of an equitable future. Each evaluation and consultation is customized to the clients’ missions, visions, and goals. We approach projects with care, using both quantitative and qualitative methods that guarantee successful results.

Follow our #BothHands campaign on social media (links below) as we celebrate 10-years of service. Explore our website to see who we’ve served, who we are, and what we can do for you.

About Ajisafe

As President of Creative Research Solutions, Dr. Travis Tatum is dedicated to helping individuals, institutions, and communities improve their performance through high quality research and deliverables.

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