A Mission-Driven Approach: Creative Research Solutions’ Commitment to Global Change

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Living and working in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Dr. Travis Tatum (President) and Dr. Shanesha Brooks-Tatum (Executive Vice President) witnessed the struggles and successes of businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations as the city attempted to meet the needs of its exponentially growing populace. The Metro Area is home to over 5.9 million people and 150,000 business establishments, earning Atlanta the 10th spot on the nation’s list of fastest growing city centers. The nation’s gap between the wealthy and poor has been increasing, and Atlanta is no exception. Creative Research Solutions’ (CRS) leadership realized that there was a growing need to access and evaluate organizations’ policies and programs.  A data-driven, culturally-responsive evaluation would help organizations improve their services and ensure a lasting impact.

Creative Research Solutions is determined to offer services that are impactful and unique. The firm is comprised of consultants, evaluators, and facilitators for organizations within various sectors such as education, public health, and philanthropy. What all their clients have in common is that they are all committed to positive social change. CRS purposefully seeks partnerships with organizations that are addressing the social challenges of our time such as education reform, food insecurity, and public housing. CRS’s mission is helping organizations improve their performance, make well-informed decisions, and provide clear evidence of the progress made by their programs or initiatives.

Together, Shanesha and Travis have curated a team that specializes in culturally-responsive evaluation methods and are individuals who are passionate about promoting the continued progress of humankind. The CRS team aims to understand the goals, cultural values, and contexts of its clients and the populations they serve by offering meaningful and practical recommendations. From offering recommendations to bolster organizational diversity and inclusion to enhancing engagement between an organization and the community it serves, CRS is committed to working with the client and its stakeholders to identify actionable changes to strengthen interventions.

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As Creative Research Solutions enters its next ten years of business, leadership will continue to advocate for inclusive processes, partner with organizations and individuals engaged in global initiatives, and guarantee the inclusion of silenced voices in the crafting of organizational programs and policies. The President and EVP have curated a team who possesses the expertise and passion to expand the reach of CRS’s impact. Leveraging the talents of the staff and its network of subject matter experts enables Creative Research Solutions to meet the unique needs of each of its clients.

The team looks forward to serving diverse organizations in the next ten years. Stay tuned to learn more about Creative Research Solutions’ partnerships and impact in the field of evaluation. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram to remain informed about our latest work.

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