Why Choose Us

Here are a few reasons why you will be satisfied with Creative Research Solutions:

    1. Award-Winning Firm Working For Global Change. Our firm’s slogan is “Tying passion and practice to impact.” We are an award-winning firm with national reach, dedicated and committed to doing more than rigorous and results-oriented research and evaluation, but also to ushering in an era of social change where there are more educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities and social equality for all.
    2. Flexibility. We are a nimble organization that centers not only expertise but also flexibility when working with clients and partners. We understand that the nature of our clients’ work shifts constantly, and this flexibility is what enables us to build strong partnerships for results-oriented outcomes.
    3. Committed to Client Satisfaction Because So Much Is At Stake. We take our work very seriously because we understand what is at stake: not only the success of costly and necessary projects and programs, but also the larger goal of eliminating inequalities. Our commitment is unmatched and we work hard to get things just right.
    4. Expertise. Our talented, high-performing team brings multi-disciplinary expertise to every project. With more than forty years of combined experience, our team brings unique understanding and insight to the evaluation process.
    5. High Return on Investment. At Creative Research Solutions, we understand that time is money. Our team works efficiently to ensure clients get the best bang for their buck from the initial consultation all the way through the final deliverable. We operate on your timeline. Making this investment to evaluate your programs and services now will more than pay for itself.

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