Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Organizational Strategic Planning and Development


Our evaluation services not only help nonprofits demonstrate their impact to funders, but also provide valuable feedback from their clients to improve their services.


Our services help academic programs learn how they can best support faculty, staff, and students in their efforts to continually improve access to high quality educational experiences.


Government agencies depend on evaluation to measure the impact of programs designed to serve a wide variety of constitutions. Our evaluations ensure agencies have the data they need.

Creative Research Solutions, LLC supports organizations who want to continually improve the quality of their services and who understand the need to document their impact to secure and grow their donor support. Our clients care deeply about the effect of their programs on people’s lives and want to know that they are meeting their participants’ needs as best they can.

Founded by Dr. Ajisafe Adaján and Dr. Osa Maiyanne Adaján, Creative Research Solutions is an evaluation, research, and assessment company dedicated to helping organizations improve their performance, make better decisions, and provide clear evidence of their results through high quality research and deliverables. Dr. Adaján also previously served as President of the Atlanta-Area Evaluation Association.

Our unique combination of excellent quantitative and qualitative research training, communication skills, and creativity will help your organization develop and utilize sustainable research solutions designed according to your specific needs. Creative Research Solutions can assist your organization with evaluation/assessment design, data collection, analysis, and reporting. Please contact us for a free initial consultation, or subscribe to our newsletter.