This week I’ve had some great opportunities to connect and network with other evaluators.  On Wednesday, I attended Voices from the Next Generation: Insights on Evaluation from Georgia State Masters Students, an event hosted by the Atlanta Area Evaluation Association.  It’s great to hear from new and upcoming evaluators about their experiences; their presentations are both a great professional development opportunity for them, and a valuable chance for more experienced evaluators to learn about new work being done in the field.

Earlier today I also attended an event hosted by the Healthcare Georgia Foundation designed to establish a network of evaluators who are available to support projects with both the foundation and it’s grantees.  Of course, it was also a valuable networking opportunity to have so many excellent evaluators in one place.  I always appreciate foundations who are serious about providing evaluation support to their grantees, as there are many organizations who would like to continually improve their programs, but don’t necessarily feel they have enough resources to conduct an evaluation on their own.

I am looking forward to seeing how these new connections unfold!

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