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Travis Tatum, Ph.D.


“My experiences have prepared me well to offer my expertise as a researcher. For me, each new client provides an opportunity for me to engage the wide range of skills and depth of knowledge I have developed toward pursuing my vision of helping individuals, institutions, and communities reach their highest potential.”

—Travis Tatum, Ph.D.

As President of Creative Research Solutions, Dr. Travis Tatum is dedicated to helping individuals, institutions, and communities improve their performance through high quality research and deliverables. With his unique combination of excellent academic preparation, research training, and communication skills, Dr. Tatum is able to provide outstanding value to your organization.

Dr. Tatum earned his Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Michigan, and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. As a social psychologist, Dr. Tatum is skilled in finding ways to measure seemingly “unmeasurable” outcomes. For example, his 2009 co-authored article in Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, “Teachers and Learners: Roles Adopted in Interracial Discussions,” examined the extent to which White and Black discussion participants felt that they were in “teacher” and “learner” roles while talking about race. Likewise, Dr. Tatum’s dissertation, Directed Attention and Stereotype Threat in Interracial Interactions examined White participants’ experience of stereotype threat in the context of talking about race. Each of these projects demonstrated Dr. Tatum’s ability to effectively measure social outcomes even when dealing with challenging issues or situations.

In addition to his academic experience, he has also developed strong facilitation skills through the CommonGround program at the University of Michigan. Facilitation differs from other communication skills in that it focuses on helping others bring forward their ideas to the benefit of the group, especially where either situational factors or individual differences in communication style might otherwise interfere with communication. When applied to interviews and focus groups, Dr. Tatum’s ability to thoughtfully engage with participants will greatly enhance the depth and quality of the data collected.

Dr. Tatum has previously served as President of the Atlanta-Area Evaluation Association.

Shanesha Brooks-Tatum, Ph.D.

Vice President

“I am passionate about helping others become better at what they do. Seeing organizations and institutions in many different sectors provide high quality services and programming enables me as an evaluator to support impactful work in so many areas.”

—Shanesha R. F. Brooks-Tatum, Ph.D.

As Vice President of Creative Research Solutions, Dr. Shanesha Brooks-Tatum harnesses her interdisciplinary background to help businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions provide the best quality services and programming to their clients. Trained in a variety of methods and with a background in the social sciences and humanities, Dr. Brooks-Tatum is equipped with the skills to help your organization achieve its highest potential.

Dr. Brooks-Tatum earned her doctorate in American Studies from the University of Michigan and graduated summa cum laude from UC Berkeley with her bachelor’s degree.  She is a recent U.S. Department of Education Fulbright-Hays Fellow and a Los Angeles native.  A past National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellow, and a Visiting Scholar at Agnes Scott College, her recent publications include “Transformative Educational Spaces: Black Youth and Education in the 21st Century,” for which she interviewed studies about the arts and education. This chapter is published in Reading African American Experiences in the Obama Era: Theory, Advocacy, Activism (2012), a volume she co-edited with Dr. Ebony Elizabeth Thomas.  Dr. Brooks-Tatum recently received an international honor, the 2016 Rising Star Award from the International Journal of Ethnic College Health.

Patryce Curtis, M.S.

Project Manager

Patryce Curtis has over 15 years of experience in working with local, state and federal partners including non-profit organizations, public health research organizations and other firms. She has served in a management capacity to several organizations to assist in leading the development, implementation, evaluation and analysis of various programs. Her repertoire of skills includes project management; program evaluation; survey design and administration; focus group, interview, and work group facilitation; needs assessment; training and technical assistance; data analysis; and report writing, to name a few. She has worked on both multi-million-dollar projects and small-scale projects in the areas of education research, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy prevention, seat belt interventions, health equity, physical activity, health disparities, health communications, transportation and minority health. Additionally, she has served on teams that have received national honors for their contributions to public health.

Patryce received her undergraduate degree in Biology from Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, AL. and her graduate degree in Healthcare Policy and Administration from Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a member of the American Evaluation Association.

When she is not busy in her role as a Project Manager, she enjoys spending time with family, reading, and visiting historical sites. Patryce is passionate about helping organizations to succeed by reaching their intended goals and objectives.

Dr. Sabrina T. Cherry

Evaluation Consultant

sabrinaDr. Sabrina Tindal Cherry has over 15 years of experience within the field of public health.

Sabrina’s professional experience includes managing an annual budget of over $2M awarded by the Greater Atlanta Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and awarded to metro Atlanta community organizations and hospitals; working with Northside Hospital’s Cancer Institute to enhance oncology education, screening, early diagnosis, treatment, and support services for those in need; providing technical assistance to mini-grant recipients in Southwest Georgia and evaluating project based outcomes related to cancer as a part of Emory University’s Prevention Research Center (EPRC); and collaborating with faculty from the University of Georgia’s School College of Public Health and members of the Archway Partnership to co-write Community Needs Assessments (CNA) for two rural Georgia hospitals. Sabrina’s research interests include health disparities, women’s health, HIV/AIDS, CBPR and program development, implementation and evaluation.

Patryce Patton

Evaluation Consultant

Patryce PattonPatryce is a highly motivated public health and evaluation professional who strives for excellence in client deliverables, satisfaction, and responsiveness. Her professional experience has granted her the opportunity to work with several agencies and organizations on proposal and program development, needs assessments, data collection and management, analyses, and reporting. She prides herself in providing high quality services to ensure increased program effectiveness and efficiency.

Patryce received her Masters of Public Health from Mercer University, and her undergraduate Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology from Auburn University. Patryce is certified in Program Evaluation from Mercer University. Her current role with Creative Research Solutions allows her to maximize her strengths while providing the highest quality of deliverables to current and future clients.

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