David Bickham

About David Bickham

David Patrick Bickham is the principal of Bickham Innovation Catalysts, LLC, a consultancy specializing in community and economic development, grant writing and leadership around innovation, strategic foresight and impact. He has advised the development of and/or raised over $30M in grants, contracts and federal reimbursements across many domains and clients, ranging from emerging community-based organizations to established institutions. He specializes in linking leaders to human, technological and financial resources through strategic planning, asset mapping and fund development.

Who will build the future? Building the future requires the talent of urban and rural communities of color to reimagine opportunity and educative environments, including formal and informal settings. The Empowered Learner-Networkers who are technologically-connected will progress through their personalized learning and self-organized communities of power. Education in all of […]

The Futures of Social and Educational Justice